Films and Documentaries

Mick has been making films since 2005. One of the larger projects including his films is the international and national touring exhibition Saltwater Country, featuring ten short documentaries and a collaborative video with Torres Strait artist Alick Tipoti.

Mick's work can also be seen at the Queensland Museum's This is my heritage exhibition.This is my heritage features 12 two-meter portraits and a feature length documentary co directed with Michael Aird.

You can read the Artist Profile magazine review of the show here

Artist Profile Cover - click to read Artisr Profile Magazine review of the show

We Are Not Gonna Sit in Silence - Trailer 2016

This is my heritage, 2015

Saltwater Country Exhibition

Poeypiyam Angayk Alick Tipoti and Mick Richards 2014

Brian Robinson 2014

Daniel Boyd 2014

Vernon Ah Kee 2014

Laurie Nilsen 2014

Alick Tipoti 2014

Michael Cook 2014

Ken Thaiday 2014

Napolean Oui 2014

Ian Waldron 2014

Ryan Presley 2014

Old Skool Cars Show & Shine, 2014

The Longest Wave Bleach Festival 2014

The Locals 2014

The Pros 2014

The Wave 2014

G.B. @ Ric's, 2013

Swamp Country soundtrack Dirtsong by The Black Arm Band 2012

Onward by Mick Richards 2011

Bravehart, 2008

WARNING: Over 18's only. Contains explicit language.

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